Friday, February 5, 2010

What if...

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“Am getting tired of this…” she thought…

If this is not hell then what is? Life could not get any worse than this right?...

It was her 25th birthday… a quarter of her life already spent out… supposed to be a mile stone… “But, a mile stone, indicating what?  Failure? Compromise? Or 25 yrs of loneliness?

Due to utter laziness and stupidity in her past, she had failed to get into a profession she truly loved… now she was stuck with dissatisfaction all throughout her life…. and the worst part was, there was nobody she could blame this whole mess for…. not even God! She was well and truly responsible for the way her life now was… Could she change everything? ’What if …‘Could she turn around and start doing the thing she loved? After all Raju and Farhan in 3 Idiots did it!

“Come on!!! Get real…  It’s all well and good to show such things on reel life, but in real life…? What is it that you want to do? At the age of 25 you want to start doing your heart’s desire? Logically speaking it will take you around 9 yrs to finish the studies of that field...  And, another 2-3 yrs, to get established. You will start your career at the age of 38? And ... You don’t have Rancho beside you to egg you on…!”  She went on talking to herself…

She stood in front of the mirror and looked at the person in it…. “This is definitely not how imagined myself to be at 25” she thought miserably…

The person in the mirror looked- angered with what life had thrown at her and with what she had thrown herself into… defeated by how easily she had given up on herself… empty and lonely   with hollowness the so called friends had left behind…. lost by not knowing how to move ahead and not finding anybody to help her with it… NO…. definitely not the way she had envisioned herself…

All her strength had seeped out of her and she slumped into the chair… and there she remained for hours together... not moving a muscle… only her mind racing on… thinking…. not hearing anything, totally disconnected with outside world….

“Now that you have finally realized that thoughts of pursuing any other profession is out of question… gather yourself and think about how you can bring some happiness into your life.” she thought to herself….

“You are driving yourself crazy this way… everyday you sit and whine and weep… curse your stars… say life is unfair… But have you ever done any active effort in getting yourself out of this muck. The fault lies in you. Not in your stars, not in your profession, not with your brains. The fault lies in your lack of will power. Period. You never did well because what you did was not driven by passion for your work but rather driven by fear. Fear that you had developed by listening to what people had to say. Every time they said they are confident that you would succeed your fear went up another notch. “What if?” What if I fail? How will I face them?? Never once did it occur to you “What if” you succeeded??? Instead of putting your energy into succeeding you put your energy into whining, moaning, groaning about how they are all putting unnecessary pressure on you.” on and on went the voice in her ears.

“You are right” she told that voice. She smiled to herself at how simple an answer it was! What if I start taking positively all the confidence shown? May be they are right, may be I Can do it… may be all I need is good dose of self confidence… What if then? “Then I turn my life completely around” she thought resolutely.

It was dawn when she opened her eyes. The first rays of the sun were beginning to emerge out of the clouds. She recalled the words of William Irwin Thompson that had given her the new attitude towards life:

“If you do not create your destiny, your fate will be inflicted upon you”

She stood up with the newly found will and moved on.



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  1. Ah ha! First BATOM attempt! Clap Clap!

    I'm glad it ended on a positive note...We always give up due to the fear of unknown in life..very few people have the audacity to go head on and knock off the apprehensions!

    Good going gurl! All the best with BATOM!

  2. Good one.. I wish everyone who is trapped within comes out like the protagonist here :) Very nice..

  3. very motivating indeed..Sometimes we need to listen to our heart..coz not all logic can be worked out by our brain..I am glad the protagonist did
    all the best for BATOM

  4. a very good motivational post. Good writing Tanmaya!

  5. @ Raksha Thanks! Ya i enjoyed being a part of Blog-a-ton

    @Shalini Thank you

    @West wind- Thank you.. I always look forward to your comments...

    @shahid- Ya i agree listening to the heart is always the wiser thing to do.. Glad you took the time to read and comment.. keep visiting...

    @Sureindran- Thank you... Glad you took the time to read and comment... keep visiting...

  6. I wish to take part in this blog a ton too. It sounds like an ingenious concept of blogger competition, one that I am getting acquainted to only now.

    You have a simple story here. Many are faced with this dilemma of leaving everything they are doing currently and pursuing what they ever wanted to do. I can relate to this completely, because I too wish to do something like that. Only if I could sit at home and read books, and write my heart out. But, I can't live in this illusion, can I? So we have to multitask and balance what we don't want to do with what we actually are passionate about doing.

    I haven't seen you for some time at my blog. I presume you are busy. Head over sometime you are free and is convenient.

  7. @Vittaldas- I am going through the same dilemma as the protagonist of my story is... but my dream profession is not writing... its something different... and yes even i cant take it up...
    I was not regular on blogs in the recent past... hope to catch up on all your posts that i have missed... Thanks for being regular on my blog.. i really appreciate it...

  8. talking to self can sometimes bring gr8 results...nice way of connecting the thought of real life with reel life :))

  9. Am I so glad to see this post. I have tangled with many a 3-Idiots crazed youth who think they ought to chuck what's at hand and pursue a lark of a dream -- a mere fantasy, missing a grounding in reality many a times..

    I'm all for people chasing dreams in a realm of reality ; for every successful dreamer who made it in a profession he dreamed of , 9 fail and get sucked into a vortex.

    It does pay to at least sit and ponder about "What-If" I get good at this . Loved the positive thought..

  10. nice choice of a topic..........share your feelings here and a nice quotation too!

  11. @Pushpee- Thank you.. Do keep visiting my blog..

    @Madhu Rao- Thank you... Glad you appreciated my first attempt at Blog-A-Ton.. keep visiting... your comments are valued..

    @Murali- Thank you.. read this quote in my fren's blog and it inspired the entire story...

  12. Draining....i guess you have done that..

    Good one! Concept it nice actually but ofcourse over beaten.

  13. nice a Gud end........hv a doubt is dat "she" .....Tanmaya??? ;)

  14. This is such a nice post!! Loved it!! Reel and Real life never sync with each other!

  15. @Makk- Thank you.. over beaten?? how is that?

    @guruprasad- Thank you... and may be...

    @Shruthi- Thank you.. Glad you liked it..

  16. Thats a very good quote..and the story is quite true..relates to everyones. All our life, we find some or other reason to not find the true happiness.
    Good writeup..

  17. Hey!
    you know what... awesome story... everyone can relate it... u know what? You have actually inspired me too!...I am not kidding...
    thanks for your comments on my post... and am glad that inspired u... just feel good about who u are... in life thats all that matters...

    Latest Blog Post: What If...

  18. Have we ever discussed anything concrete other than this in the recent times? I guess not. I could so relate to this. Need I say more? I think not. :)
    All the best for BATOM! :)

  19. @dilontherocks- Thank you.. glad you liked it... that quote is very special to me...

    @Tavish- Thank you.. plz do keep visiting.. and welcome to my blogworld..

    @Karthik- Yeah.. we have been discussing this topic for quite some time now isnt it...

  20. Hey nice one. Even I have been thinking of changing few things around me.
    Anyways, all the best! :)

  21. Very positive attitude :) Good luck.

  22. Hey tanu, its a truly inspirational one for all!!including me:-)..all the best gal

  23. any one could relate to this story....
    simple and touching....

  24. career paths... are always up fr chnge ...anytime in life

  25. Brilliant .... It did convey many unwritten things...
    I will consider this for voting ....
    need to say more ?
    all d best :)

  26. Good one, I could relate to your post, loved the way you started and ended the post

  27. @Nethra- Thank you.. and wishing you the same...

    @aativas- Thank yu... same to yu..

    @Divya- Thanks... am glad you found it inspirational...

    @Geeta- Thank you..I know, this is one topic am sure many would have already experienced in their life

    @Just another life- Ya i agree they can always be changed.. but sometimes you have got to be practical....

    @Mahesh- Thank you!!! going to consider mine for a vote?! wow! thanks ...

    @Harsha- Thank you... do keep visiting...

  28. All the best for BATOM! Nice post...

  29. after 3 idiot........

    every now and then we can post on this subject.

  30. Good that you ended it on a positive note and yes we all go through this dilemma at some point of life but its the will to keep going that takes us forward...

  31. HAi!!

    Nice quote at the end!!
    Our life is the way we want it:)

  32. yea, even i dream of tons of things that i want to start..weeks, months fly and I am still dreaming :(

    Anyway nice writing :)

  33. @Swayambhu- Thanks...

    @Makk- This post was not inspired by 3 Idiots... I just mentioned it because ppl wil relate better by mentioning that... what i have written is mostly based on what am going through... I do appreciate your comments.. do keep visiting...

    @dmanji- Thanks and you are right.. as they say.. excellance is a matter of choice not chance...

    @Yemiledu- Thanks.. exactly.. cudn't agree with you more...

    @Megha- Keep going gal.. one day you will finally reach.. the secret is in not giving up.. Thanks...