Friday, December 25, 2009

Lost In The woods

A lonely little girl lost in the woods,

By both darkness and light, surrounded she stood.

She got spooked by sounds and sights, real and illusionary,

A mocking laughter, a fleeting shadow, of which, she grew wary.

A couple of paths out of the woods she could see,

Which one to follow, she just could not perceive.

She closed her eyes and said to herself,

“Listen to your heart, it will show you the way!”.

Choose the path on the right, her heart then told,

And then let the experience unfold.

The path chosen was the toughest, she saw to her dismay!

Full, of thorns and bristles, ready, to obstruct her way.

But on she went, no matter what,

And finally came out to the place she had sought.

Tired and worn, yet with a song in her heart,

She came to see ‘Life’ and ‘Woods’ were not much apart!


  1. wow...nice work...

    really a nice analogy out there in the last line...

    ** applauses ***

  2. Excellent poem and such a pleasure to read.

    Take care.


  3. Tanmaya,
    I loved the way you have weaved these words into this wonderful poem. It unfolded very smoothly, revealing itself along the way in a neat flow. The message is very beautiful too. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this piece. Cheers!

  4. Your poems are just getting better and better every day and I'm beginning to like poetry.
    This was beautiful! Felt like you've written about yourself. :-)

  5. @Urvashi- thank you!! *blush* *blush*

    @yvonne- thank you

    @ Vittaldas- thank you.. am happy that i was able to convey the real message behind my poem... glad you liked it!!

    @Karthik- he he... now you know wy i, who started out writing prose, is writing more poetry... waiting for you to belt out a few too.... :) and ya.. behind all my poems i am the subject.. most of the times

  6. WAY TO GO!! Experience talks and how!!I'm wondering why I missed reading it earlier! You posted it a week before and I didn't notice it!! Glad I did not miss reading this one! I totally loved it and could relate to it 100%!

  7. Beautifully written! Happy new year :).

  8. @ Raksha- Thank you... I am glad that ppl got the true meaning that i was trying to put across...

    @Jal pari- thank you!!! Happy new yr to you too....

  9. Hey tanmay,
    Lovely philosohy man. I really liked the way you put a very beautiful truth in a rich texture of words.

    Yes, indeed, we will come out of the woods with a song on our hearts which is priceless..agree with u tottttaly.

  10. Nice one.. simple yet so serene!! U have been awarded on my blog. Please do the honours!!

  11. I have read this post about ten times, visting on and off, leaving without commentating... and all I can say is that this poem touched a chord, somewhere deep in the heart!

  12. @Guria- Thank you... am glad that you found my poem so... plz do keep visiting...

  13. Beautiful. Simple, delicate and compelling.

    Guria and I were chatting about this the other day and am I glad I took her word and stopped by :-)

  14. Oops Tanmaya, I do remember leaving a message here :-) , sorry I had forgotten to join Google-friends and did not have your site handy, hence my comment at INDImag.

    Congrats on making Guria's TOP-5 :-)

  15. This is a lovely write girl.In the first stanza I couldn't grasp the fact that this was a metaphorical piece but it became clear soon enough.
    Inspirational I say!
    Congrats on the pick by Indimag!:)

  16. Hi, I'm the new editor at INDImag. I am in charge of the Top-5 posts of the Week it hosts. This poem has been chosen as one of them. Please visit the website to receive your badge! :)
    You may visit otherwise, too! ;)

    P.S. This is Guria of Maverick Misfit. I think you know me! :P

  17. @Madhu- Thank you.. glad you liked my poetry.. thank you for choosing it in your top 5... do keep visiting...

    @Samadrita- Thank yu.. Glad you liked it ... and also took the time to read my old posts..

    @Guria- Of course i know you.. Thank you for choosing me as your top 5.. am honoured... am trying to visit the site since yest but not able to... Thanks again...

  18. beautifully written!! keep up d good work :)

  19. "Tired and worn, yet with a song in her heart,
    She came to see ‘Life’ and ‘Woods’ were not much apart!" - enchanting and a lot of truth in the concluding lines! Loved the rest of the poem too, reminded me of Frost's Road Not Taken!

    The poem was prolific with a dialectical interplay of images - of darkness and light, illusion and reality, roads trodden and untrodden etc. Absolutely beautiful! :)

    Keep writing!