Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Every little jump is lesser than the leap I planned,

With every step I am going a little deeper in the sand.

Every bit of effort seems to be taking me further away,

Its getting quite hard to not let my morale sway.

Ah! How nice it would be to give it all up,

To, curl up, with a book and steaming coffee cup.

It’s hard to persuade myself, to cajole,

To tell myself, just a few more steps and you will reach your goal.

But, just when you think you have finally reached,

You find that the rules of the game have been breached.

And then you end up wondering if dedicated work really matters,

Because now you see that your dreams are in tatters.

So now, do you pick up the fragments and try to stitch what was torn?

Or do you, just let them be and then move on?

Lost, I find myself in this stormy sea called life,

To have a dream again is what fills my heart with strife.


  1. Very discriptive poem, I love how you envolve the sand and sea..

    Have a grand day.


  2. Hi Yvonne,
    Thanks for being so quick in visiting my blog.. Am sorry i havent been able to do the same since the past few days as i have exams going on.. but waiting to read your poems too...
    Thanks once again.

  3. What a beautiful portrayal of the inner conflict, the struggle to dream again... You weave wonders with the words!

  4. Beautiful, yaar. I can so relate to this.
    I wonder how you say such complex things in such a simple way. :)

    *Karthik bows his head before the most prolific poetess ever* :))

  5. @Guria- Thank you... I always look forward to your comments...

    @Karthik-- :) :) *blush* *blush*

  6. Life can be hard at times and these hard times have been described very well. Whenever we set a sight on a goal, life somehow figures it out and keeps adding obstacles to it automatically, one after the other. But "success is sweet", the one who surpasses all those obstacles and plays by all the rules, changed and unchanged will enjoy the success, and the happiness will be without bounds. Nice lines. Nice to see a post after a long time.

  7. @Vittaldas-- Thank you.... Ya long time since i wrote... exams going on so not finding time to write or read other blogs.... Hope to catch up soon though... Thanks for visiting...:)

  8. hii Tanmaya,

    happy to be here after a long time..very intelligent way of using the words for a poem and its very sensitively done.. liked it to the core..

    have nice time..

  9. @Pramoda- Thank you... keep visiting...

  10. "So now, do you pick up the fragments and try to stitch what was torn?

    Or do you, just let them be and then move on?" - I know poetry is more than a sum of its parts but these lines stood out like a beacon in an even otherwise lovely poem!

    PS: Here from Karthik's recco... shall return for more! :-)

  11. @Srini- Thank you.... My poetry usually reflects my state of mind most of the times.... Do return for more... Thanks for visiting...