Monday, November 2, 2009

The Greater Crime

Is it a greater crime to thieve?

Or, is it, to deceive?

Which is worse, the hatred that being bred,

Or is it the blood that’s being shed?

Is it, the wealth that’s being plundered?

Or is it, to allow, children die of hunger?

Is it, to let go of things that mattered,

Or is it, to let your dreams be shattered?

Is it, to simply let things be?

And to choose to ignore what you see?

Or is it, to, not make it a priority,

To, achieve, to the best of our ability.

Go ahead think which, is the greater crime,

Or is this thought, to you, not even worth a dime??


  1. Very thought provoking, many issues rasied.
    interesting to read , very good post.


  2. OMG!! Tanmaya, that's a super duper one! Its simply thought provoking! Love it! Its not worth a dime for sure but any day far more than that!

  3. what is worse??asking so many questions?? or questioning the effects after

  4. Very interesting da! Liked it. :)

  5. things must be seen as well as analysed and to be understood..:)

    its the total essence..:) Nice post yaar..

  6. everything has to be seen, analysed and understood in life..:)

    nice one..

  7. you have asked so many questions that each of us ask at one point of time. But I am afraid, there are no answers; or we are scared to face these questions. :-)

    Good one

  8. Very interesting contrasts you have brought forward... :)

  9. a thought provoking poem..good one..have a look at my blog too....there are about a hundred poems...