Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Dream in my eyes, A Faith in my heart

I do not want to live, just to exist,

I want to try and try and persist.

Persist on achieving my dreams,

Though I know how unrealistic it seems!

There seem to be a lot of the kind in town,

Who say “If I can’t reach you, I’ll pull you down!”

Look around you, very few you will find,

People, belonging, to the encouraging kind.

God, Fate, is the reason they give.

For the defeat, with which, they are forced to live.

I wonder has it ever occurred to them,

That it’s they, not anybody else, to be condemned?!

It’s our life, not anybody else’s

When will they all come to their senses?

It’s on me and my faith on my ability that I want to rely,

And it’s not mediocrity, with which, that am going to comply.

It’s my dreams that I want to realize,

For the joy and content it will bring to my life.

And one day,I would like to look back and say,

I had given my best to each and every day.


  1. Keep your dreams alive, it is the hope of achieving those dreams which makes life worthwhile.
    Excellent poem.


  2. Wonderful poem as usual. Dreams keep us awake.
    Nicely written. :-)

  3. Excellent Tanmaya :) Inspiring.. Today morning i was remembering a sanskrit poem which carried almost the same meaning as your poem.. too good :)

  4. heyy..excellent one yar.. its true that we r sourrounded by very fw people who encourage us..recognizing them and being consistent to them what makes life beautiful..

    Be happy..

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  6. Excellent poetry!! You have given the words (and the dreams) wings, must say! :)
    But isn't the first line an oxymoron?

  7. Hmm..perfect I must say.....Just the right words.

  8. Hi Friend ur doing an excellent work.. Can we exchange links...

  9. Thank you all... keep visiting...

  10. This is really wonderful - Your blog space and this piece of art. Lines like That it’s they, not anybody else, to be condemned?!, And it’s not mediocrity, with which, that am going to comply and I had given my best to each and every day are very beautifully done (not intending to discredit the rest but these stand out really well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and joining my band of regular readers. It keeps my spirits high to see more people visit my blog. Your blog has my vote. :-)

  11. @ Vittaldas
    Thank you... Glad that you liked the words...
    keep visiting...

  12. Very serene and true... I liked the way you express positivity in every words...!!!:)

    Keep safe! Cheers!:)