Sunday, October 25, 2009


To break free was my aim,

From all the shackles that tried to maim.

To bring me into submission was too simple

For the fate and the people!!

All my life, tried to do the appropriate,

And to appease, to propitiate,

But never once did I realize

That I was being forced to live life in disguise!

But now this bird wants to fly

To open her wings, soar up above and high!

To show the world her real worth,

The potential, of which, she has no dearth.

Dare anyone come her way!

As she is no longer made of clay!!

Her own path she paved,

To the destination she so craved.

By her own principles, her life, she now led,

“Bring it on!!” was all she said!!


  1. Finally Tanmaya is Back...................Nice Inspirational Poem!!!!!

  2. Seems like someone has got her attitude back, which was lost somewhere sometime ago.. :D
    Good to see you back in the form.. ;-)
    Excellent poem! I still wonder how you manage to get those rhyming words!! Phew!! (Ms. Ida and Sr. Leena would be proud of you) :D
    Good to go! :-)

  3. nice :) this poem is complete in all ways.. i give u thumbs up for this :)

  4. Brilliant!!! Could relate every word in your poem. Loved it.. :)

  5. The wings of creativity have taken to flight and how! You are soaring high! Loved it! Keep at it :)

  6. You really write well .. :) keep writing ..
    you are in karnataka .. well same here .. what do you do professionally ?

    God bless ~~ Keep smiling

    ~~~Golden Vulture~~~

  7. Atta girl!
    That's the way to go! Wonderful poem. And I am sure it is straight from the heart!
    another Jonathan Livingston Seagul ?

  8. Its a beautifully written poem.

    P.S. I used to be the person you've described in this poem. I only lived for others. Then came a point where I had to choose between the 2 paths. So I made a choice. Because If I am not happy then whats the point? Besides I can't make everyone happy around me. I wanted to look at myself in the mirror without regretting over my past. So I chose the path that was right for me. :)

    Once again very well written!