Friday, October 16, 2009


In a crowd, I stand alone

In trying times, am all by my own.

When I have achieved,

I pat my own back.

When I am in grief,

It’s a friend that I lack!

What do they care if am hurt,

If asked they say, I was hardly worth!

How could I have been so naïve?

To not have seen the falsity they portrayed!

May be I was deaf, may be I was blind,

As, now, I Have ended up with lonely kind!

It takes some time, but now am fine,

For, now, its SOLITUDE that I find Divine!!


  1. Tanmaya,betrayal sure hurts.Here is something I've to tell you:

    I was tired of people around me,
    Who called themselves TRUE friends or,
    So they pretended to be....
    I was betrayed not by one,but,two & three.....

    My thirst for a good company,
    The Almighty could see.
    That's when I bumped into good people....
    From there began a journey from 'I' to 'We'!

    The day you find great companion/s,all the betrayals won't even matter!! That's the strength true support brings! Solitude & togetherness are both important in their own ways. Throughly enjoyed your poem! Nicely expressed :)

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  3. Hi Tanmaya, You have a great blog...and just wanted you to know you are on the main page of my blog in a blog list.Great Work!!

  4. How I can relate to your poem years ago. We all need a special friend in our lives who we can unburden our problems should the need arise,
    Like you I like my own company now .......having got used to being on my own. I get on well with my eldest son and daughter who have been great recntly but they have their own problems so don't like to bother them much.
    I wish you every happiness and good luck,
    On blogland you're never alone though many miles seperate us.


  5. hi Tanmaya...

    it happens at times that when u stay in crowd, ppl can feel ur presence but you may not..any ways.. we r alone in this world..we come alone, we stay with different ppl in different stages of life, yet again we are all alone..:)

    happy diwali...

  6. hi thank you all!!!
    @raksha- ya.. but am not sure i have the strength to try venturing into frenship again da...

    @thank you karthik.. value your comments a lot.. you know that rite??

    @priya- thanks.... keep visiting...

    @yvonne- thank you ... i know..thats wy i love blogging so much... :) keep visiting..

    @ pramoda- ya i agree.. thanks for your comments... keep visiting...

  7. Hi,
    Most of us at some point have been rejected by someone or the other. But there are always, others who make a lot of difference in our lives... Genuine friendships hold true... for ages. But it needs ample space between the friends... and should not be suffocating...
    You have a lovely way with words... I see some familiar names in the comment section as well...
    Now I shall visit frequently. I left Blogspot dejected after one year of blogging for lack of response. Now I am happily ensconsed in Sulekha.

  8. All said and done you know you can count on your 'friend' when you want to talk and share things, don't you?
    So keep smiling! You are not alone. :-)

  9. No one stays in ur life forever. Everyone comes and leaves at the right time. They just leave us some memories to cherish & teach us some valuable lessons. The one thing that is forever urs is ur life.
    Loved ur poem... :)

  10. Thats very well written Tanmaya :)

  11. Hi Tanmaya, my first time here. Loved your poems...especially this one. I guess at some point or the other we all feel lonely, and we have to get used to it if there is no alternative.I have many close friends, but no one is near to me, all are in different I am also trying to make it without them!