Sunday, September 27, 2009


We run from place to place,

In search of solace.

From dawn till dusk we wait,

Only to be betrayed.

Is there a god we ask?

Or is it a demon in a mask!

People say they hear a call,

But I have never heard them at all!

Down on their knees they kneel

Only to appeal,

To that man they say is GOD!

But I say, to hear them out, HE forgot!!

What is that makes a man pray,

without allowing his faith to sway?

I call this all a spoof,

For a mere lack of a definite proof!

So here is my judgement to you all

Don’t you go and take a fall!!

Believe in what YOU are!

Not in some man, some place afar!!


  1. tanmaya,
    this once is nice...with those rhymin words...i used to wonder how ppl get those rhymin words.. ;)

    haf fun

  2. You getting better and better with each new post that you come up with! Nice rhyme scheme. As for the presence of God, its a topic that is being debated since time immemorial. Its a rather controversial topic! Each incredible thing that happens, proves time and again that there are certain things beyond the control of ordinary mortals and there is a higher power that controls the entire cosmos. Besides, it is always nice to believe that you ain't alone when troubles besiege you.

  3. I totally agree with your judgement :)

  4. Pretty good. You know, even Einstein said 'God is human weakness'. We had this debate on God on a forum. You might want to check it out
    Oh and by the way, I have already posted The Watchmaker. Read it when you have at least an hour to spare. Its pretty long. Looking forward to your comment :)

  5. This one is better than your previous one.
    When it comes to the poem, I've never prayed, I've never tried to hear a distant voice, never believed in a super power. Maybe that's why i love this poem very much.
    "Believe in what YOU are! Not in some man, some place afar."
    Nice lines.
    Keep writing!

  6. Very nice Tanmaya....Felt like poetic diction of the conversation we were having few dayz back....Here are my two cents on thiz interesting polemic topic - I dnt know if God exist or not.. For me God is a thought...I believe there is some power like our instincts which sometimes warn us about trouble ahead,some power which makes us to accomplish something more etc... well personally I've got nothing against God...Its his fan club I can't stand :)

  7. HI Tanmaya,

    First i would like to say that i loved ur "About Me"..yeah..i too take writing as my profession if i'm given a chance now..

    and u have a nice book shelf..:)

    And this post..Good expressions..:)

    Read some part of ur short stories..looks interesting..will read them too..Thanks for droping by my blog and introducing me to ur beautiful blog..

    Sure, i wil always be thr fr u to ecourage u ..Keep expressing ..

  8. You've been tagged in my latest post..

  9. Wonderful and true words, a pleasure to read.

    Thanks for the visit and kind and comforting words, Yes, many friendships are made from blogging.